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Antarctica Concordia 13 winterers 20th winter campaign (@PNRA)

Antarctica: Winter mission to study climate, biomedicine and astronomy kicks off

The PNRA's 20th winter campaign kicks off at the Italian-French Concordia base, while at Terra Nova Bay the Mario Zucchelli station, where the 39th summer campaign took place -which will continue until the beginning of March on the icebreaker Laura Bassi- closes. The data collected during the summer campaign will be processed and analyzed in the laboratories of various Italian research institutions and universities.

Minister Pichetto visited the ENEA laboratories in Frascati

Energy: Minister Pichetto, nuclear power crucial for safety and decarbonisation

 “To enable a secure energy system and achieve decarbonisation objectives, we must move forward on the nuclear path” said the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Pichetto Fratin while visiting the ENEA Frascati Research Center, (Rome), particularly the laboratories engaged in nuclear fusion activities. “Today, I have the pleasure to thank all researchers, technicians and workers engaged in the effort of further developing research and technology in the field of nuclear energy- continued the Minister –. A crucial challenge, in line with the decarbonisation objectives, both from a qualitative point of view, because it has zero emissions, and quantitative, because it allows continuity on a global scale, overcoming the intrinsic limitations of renewables which are instead intermittent, but also from the point of view of security, concerning which ENEA stands at the forefront".

G7 working group

Environment: First in-person meeting of G7 Climate energy working group

ENEA President Gilberto Dialuce coordinated the first in-person meeting of the "Climate energy" working group within the Italian presidency of the G7.

european union flag

Energy: ENEA with the National Authorities of 10 EU countries for the implementation of the Recast EED for European businesses

Ten national energy agencies from ten different European countries will be coordinated by ENEA to provide support to institutions, industries and businesses during the transposition and implementation phase of the new Energy Efficiency Directive (2023/1791). The Recast EED aims to ensure an additional 11.7% reduction in energy consumption by 2030, compared to the 2020 reference scenario.

critical subjects circular economy

Environment: ICESP, accelerating the transition to a circular economy

Accelerating the transition to a circular economy through the recovery of critical and strategic raw materials from secondary sources is the focus of the sixth annual conference of the Italian platform of actors for a circular economy (ICESP) which was held in Rome at  Unioncamere.

infrastructures in cloud

Innovation: ENEA part of 409 million euro European project IPCEI-CIS on cloud services and infrastructures

The European Commission approved a Common Project of European interest (IPCEI) dedicated to the Cloud, opening the way to innovation throughout Europe. The IPCEI-CIS (Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure and Services) project, involving seven member States (France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Holland, Poland and Spain), will be funded with 1.2 billion euro state aid, aimed at supporting 19 projects by European companies. The projects will catalyze further private investments and accelerate the establishment of a new and advanced economy based on digital technologies, particularly data and communication networks.