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ENEA-CERN agreement

Research: ENEA-CERN agreement on innovative nuclear technologies

On the occasion of the launch of the collaboration on innovative nuclear technologies between ENEA and CERN in Geneva, ENEA president Gilberto Dialuce and head of the Nuclear Department Alessandro Dodaro met CERN general director Fabiola Gianotti in Geneva.


Energy: a new generation of greener batteries

Creating increasingly sustainable, high-performing, safe and low-cost materials for a new generation of green batteries is the goal of the all-Italian 4 million euro project ORANGEES, which comprises the Cnr (leader), ENEA, National Inter-university Consortium for the science and technology of materials, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Research on the Energy System (RSE) and Standex International Corp.


Infrastructures: Sensors and drones for risk protection

3D models of bridges and viaducts, platforms for critical infrastructure and sensor networks, but also photogrammetric surveys, drones and training are some of the solutions to make infrastructures safer in the case of earthquakes or other disasters that ENEA presented at the conference "Existing bridges, viaducts and tunnels: research, innovation and applications", held in Genoa and organized by the Fabre Consortium.

  energy efficiency campaign

Energy: ENEA prioritises energy efficiency measures

ENEA is among the eight European partners committed over the next three years to promoting Energy Efficiency First, the guiding principle which identifies energy efficiency as a top priority in national and territorial policies.

desalination plant and water

Water: From ENEA and SEKO new technologies for more efficient desalination plants

ENEA and the Italian company SEKO have developed an innovative high pressure pump for reverse osmosis water desalination plants with integrated energy recovery device.

marine hazard project

Environment: From ENEA innovative technologies for the Mediterranean

An innovative platform for real-time monitoring of the central Mediterranean which works as an integrated laboratory for remote sensing, ocean models, chemical analyses and marine property data is the outcome of the activities ENEA conducted as part of the Marine Hazard project, funded with the PON “Research and competitiveness 2007-2013” measure and coordinated by the Cnr.