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Firma accordo tra ENEA (Dialuce) e Marina Militare (Credendino)

Research: ENEA and the Navy enter new collaboration agreement

The sectors involved include operational support for diving activities in Antarctica

ENEA and the Navy have renewed their collaboration agreement with the aim to promote joint research activities both in the Italian seas and in the most remote regions of the planet like the Arctic and Antarctica. The protocol was signed by Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Enrico Credendino, and President of ENEA Gilberto Dialuce.

ENEA will work jointly with specialized Navy teams like the Underwater Warfare Command (COMSUBIN), the Naval Support and Experimentation Center (CSSN) and the Hydrographic Institute.

In particular, the partnership between ENEA and the Hydrographic Institute foresees the update of the cartographic portfolio of the Ross Sea area in Antarctica and additional research activities in the marine geology and sedimentology sector. Furthermore, additional tools for oceanographic measurements will be developed as well as the activities of the multi-year research program "High North" conducted in the Arctic with the support of the vessel Alliance.

The agreement consolidates the collaboration in the diving activities of the National Antarctic Research Programme, managed by ENEA for logistics and the Cnr for scientific programming: the COMSUBIN experts will keep on coordinating the scientific diving personnel selected by ENEA and all diving activities conducted in the Ross Sea during the annual Italian expeditions to Antarctica.

Admiral Credendino thanked President Dialuce and expressed his satisfaction for the renewal of the agreement "which is strategic for the Country as it will allow it to continue to fully exploit the expertise of both organizations in the field of research and innovation technology, particularly regarding the underwater world", and pointed out that "in this historical moment, the Legislator and the Government wanted to merge the efforts of the whole Country- military, civilian, public and private sectors- towards the creation of a National Diving Hub: a national center of excellence to be set up in La Spezia under the Navy supervision".

"The renewal of this agreement with the Navy is particularly important as it makes it possible to continue and strengthen a collaboration which in recent years has proved to be very profitable for the results achieved both in the Arctic and in Antarctica", said President Dialuce. "I‘d like to thank Admiral Credendino - he said - because the joint commitment of ENEA and the Navy will ensure continuance of crucial research in environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and climate change effects".

The collaboration between the Navy and ENEA has lasted for years and will continue to develop through joint activities in Italy and abroad.

Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Enrico Credendino, and the President of ENEA Gilberto Dialuce
Handshake between the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Enrico Credendino, and the President of ENEA Gilberto Dialuce