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 JT-60SA reactor

Energy: Fusion reactor inaugurated in Japan, also an Italian success

The JT-60SA fusion reactor, the outcome of a joint project between the European Union and Japan, with the contribution of the Italian Government, companies, ENEA, CNR and RFX Consortium, is a new step forward in the research on nuclear fusion energy.

Designed and built as part of the Broader Approach agreement- a scientific collaboration between the European Union and Japan- the JT-60SA fusion reactor was inaugurated in Naka, Japan.

 A significant milestone for the scientific community and industry, it makes the use of fusion energy closer, safe and sustainable, thanks also to the Italian contribution provided by the Government, companies, ENEA, RFX consortium and CNR).

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, the Japanese Minister for Education, Culture, Sport and Science and Technology, Masahito Moriyama, the Japanese Minister for Scientific and Technological Policy, Sanae Takaichi, high-ranking politicians, representatives of the industry and the researcher community, who witnessed the tests with plasma from the control room.

The overall construction cost of the plant was approximately 560 million euros, divided between Europe and Japan. The project is considered a fine example of science diplomacy and has been praised for the spirit of collaboration, its efficient management and exemplary execution.

Fusion for Energy was entrusted with the European contribution to the project, consisting of the management of European Union funds and the coordination of the manufacture of componenets by Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, that participated in the project on a voluntary basis .

Marc Lachaise, director of Fusion for Energy, expressed appreciation for the international collaboration and the strong team spirit of the teams involved: “What happens here today - he said - will be key for the contribution of fusion energy in a carbon-free energy mix energy. The Jt-60sa system is crucial for the fusion roadmap because it offers our experts a unique possibility in its kind to learn, operate this device and share this precious knowledge with the international experimental reactor (ITER). In addition, it allowed the European research laboratories and industry, together with Japan, to work together to create a successful partnership "

Eurofusion, the European Consortium comprising 31 countries and 4800 researchers, staff and students contributes to Jt-60sa together with the Japanese national institutes for science and quantum technology in Naka. A dedicated Eurofusion project, coordinated by the Italian CNR and worth about 15 million euros, supports the physical and simulation modeling activity for the preparation and analysis of experiments, advanced diagnostic systems and the participation in the device operations.

"As Minister of the Environment and Energy Safety and Program Owner of the Italian Fusion Program - said Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin - I am very proud of of how Italy has contributed to today’s achievement, voluntarily providing scientific support and Tokamak components as part of the Broader approach agreement between the European Union and Japan (), thanks to 70 million euro funds by the Italian government. Coordinated by ENEA, the Italian industry provided superconductors cables for magnets, superconducting toroidal bobbins, coil containment boxes, power supply for the magnetic system, made by Enea, Tratos Cavi, Criotec, ASG Superconductor, Walter Tosto, Poseico Power Electronics and Ocem Energy Technologies ".

"The RFX Consortium -continued the Minister - acting on mandate of the National Research Council, has developed the innovative projects of the protection systems for all superconductor coils, supplied by the Italian Ansaldo Industrial Systems Industry, currently Nidec ASI, and of the Power system for the control of plasma instability, supplied by the Italian industrial electronic equipment industry ".